Students at City Neighbors in a thoughtful moment, working together.

Students at City Neighbors in a thoughtful moment, working together.

Save the Date!  January 26, the 3rd Annual Progressive Education Summit is coming our way.  Every year at the Summit, educators and community gather  to attend workshops, hear a great keynote speaker, and eat some good food together. At the Summit we learn from eachother about progressive education for Baltimore City students.

This year our keynote speaker is Alfie Kohn.  Education reformer and author, Alfie is known for his commitment to progressive practices. But what do we mean when we say “progressive?”    With eight more weeks until the Summit, I decided to do the countdown using a description of values from the writings of our keynote speaker, Alfie Kohn: Progressive Education, Why It’s Hard to Beat, But Also Hard to Find (published in INDEPENDENT SCHOOL, Spring 2008).

So, here goes.  As you read, think about whether these values feel true to you, in your experience.  And then, try and imagine schools that believe in these values.

The 8 Values of Progressive Education:  What it IS
Value #8 – Attending the Whole Child

#8.  Attending to the whole child: Progressive educators are concerned with helping children become not only good learners but also good people. Schooling isn’t seen as being about just academics, nor is intellectual growth limited to verbal and mathematical proficiencies.

Have you ever been in a school that works in this way?  Do you think it may be difficult?  Why is this value important for a school?   Please leave a comment below.  I am interested in your thoughts.