Principal Danique Dolly, Josh and Ryan at City Neighbors High School

Principal Danique Dolly, Josh and Ryan at City Neighbors High School

Today was the last day of school.

I walked through all three of the City Neighbors schools.  At City Neighbors Charter School and City Neighbors Hamilton kids were cleaning up, signing yearbooks, harvesting the garden lettuce, sharing gifts and food and flowers.  There were lots of hugs, and even some tears.

One of the very nicest moments was the end of the day assembly at City Neighbors High School.  I stood in the back of the auditorium as the students got awards, and watched a fabulous digital yearbook.  And then the Principal, Danique Dolly, got up there, and in his exceptional way, talked to the students.

Here is an excerpt from what Danique Dolly said to the students:

“You know this high school is a dream of ours.  A dream for the founders, a dream for all you students.  This school is a dream for me, and for all your teachers.  And I want to thank you students.  Because this is what we were hoping for.  We are educators, and we got into this because we want to make a difference for you, and now it is coming true for us.  I thank you.  We all thank you.  Because you are making our dreams come true.”

Have you ever heard a Principal talking to the students like that?  It was lovely.  Danique made everyone feel known, and loved, and inspired.  Here he is on a trip to  DC with one of our students:


Here’s a stat for you:  Average Chronic Absence Rate (missing 20 + days or more)

For Baltimore schools like our high school:  40%.

For City Neighbors High School:  6%

The reason that stat is important is because it gives evidence that our students want to be with us and the value of that feeling is so powerful and long lasting, that we are are able to focus on relationships, do great work, and make a difference for our students.

Class dismissed.  Have a great summer.