Goldenrod Yellow 1969 GM Firebird 400

Baltimore is a unique and wonderful place.  I remember when my husband and I first pulled into town.  We drove from Chicago in our yellow 1969 Firebird Convertible (broke down in Youngstown Ohio on the way…), with guitars in the backseat, and a box full of books we couldn’t leave behind.  We came out here so I could get my Master’s at College Park, but we stayed because we fell in love.

We were already in love with each other, I mean we feel in love with this city.  The cobblestone roads of Fells Point, the history, the architecture that is so beautiful and still there (just drive up Eutaw street on the west side), the water with its reinvention and growth, but most of all –   the neighborhoods – filled with good people.

Baltimore has a strong community of folks who know how to make a difference and work together to get great results for children and families.  You have been here a lot longer than me.  You have taken me in, and allowed me to participate.  20 years have gone by, and we have made our home here, raising our children, and growing schools and friendships, and careers and for that I feel so grateful.

Next week we will gather at City Neighbors Auditorium for the 2nd Annual Ignite Education! We will hear from teachers, parents, reformers, stormers, foundation leaders, community folks, and more.  Come on out and hear the ideas of folks who care, like you do, about Baltimore, our wonderful city.  And, let me know if you see any 1969 Firebirds around…

Hope to see you there!

You can get your tickets HERE.