Jason Botel  gets us thinking at Ignite Education!

Jason Botel gets us thinking at Ignite Education!

As we head off to the holiday weekend, we wanted to send out a quick note of thanks.  Last Thursday we gathered at City Neighbors Auditorium for a great night of passionate speakers. Our event, Ignite Education was great fun. Check out the link to see pictures from our event HERE.

Thank you to the Kim Lane for coordinating the event!  Thanks to the many parents and board members who volunteered to help the night run smoothly.  Thank you to Hamilton Bank for being our signature sponsor, and to the many Baltimore Foundations that support the City Neighbors Foundation.

We believe in the children of Baltimore, and the grown ups who love them and care for them.  Baltimore, thank you, for being a place where we can dream together, and make our dreams come true.

Alright, on to Thanksgiving, can’t wait for the sweet potatoes!

Bobbi Macdonald & Mike Chalupa