1. You are an educator who cares deeply about education that empowers students, rather than teaching them to comply and obey. You want to take a stand for schooling rooted in the vision of the child as powerful, creative, capable, and deserving of the deepest respect. You want to be with other educators who have taken a stand for the prevalence of student voices over teacher voices, for the arts as a strong component to all teaching and learning, for deep project studies rather than survey courses, Wondering who else wants to keep learning like you do? Check out the photos from the last Summit!

2. You believe that standardized testing does not drive teaching and learning. So, how do you know students are learning? What is authentic assessment? How do we look closely at student work? If we aren’t test driven, what is driving us? Our keynote, Steve Seidel is going to share his thoughts on looking closely at student work. Here are a few more of the workshops you can expect! This is going to be a day of great learning together!

3. The importance of play, fun, imagination, and creation in learning for all children is clear. But you need to have fun and inspiration too!
We know this is a Saturday, but we think you will be glad you came out. We plan to feed you well, to give you opportunities to connect with your colleagues, and to attend workshops by teachers from many backgrounds who are excited to delve deeply into learning with you. Read this Audacious Idea OSI Blog about Great Education. There is a movement in Baltimore. A revolution of people who are determined to make great schools for children. Will you come to the Summit this year and help us grow the movement in Baltimore?

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Nuts and Bolts:
When: February 1, 2014, 8:30 – 3:00
Where: City Neighbors High School, 5609 Sefton Avenue