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3rd Annual City Neighbors Symposium 2014

The Founders of City Neighbors worked hard (and for 2 years) to get our first school started. Up against a hostile school board, and pioneering what the funding should be, fighting (and winning) a proposed cap on the number of schools, working together to get a building and bring it up to code (with no facility funding!), all of these battles we fought and won long ago.

Those battles led to us defining clearly what we believe in, what we stand for, what we believe to be our work. And that part, the part where the work of a school is created with deep ownership and love, and working toward ideals….that is the part that became the heart of City Neighbors.

Now we have grown from one school (opening in 2005 with 120 students) to three schools serving over 800 students. We have grown from the founders group of 16 families, to the 100 faculty and staff who all came together yesterday at the City Neighbors Symposium. And the teachers who work and dream and create City Neighbors every day have that deep ownership, and love, and working toward ideals.  The power of the teachers working in this way is the key to growing great schools.

At City Neighbors we ask, “What would it take for every student to be Known, Loved, and Inspired?” Well, it takes a lot. But let’s start with being clear that we have to apply that same thinking to our faculty.  The Founders worked hard to get us open, and now it is the work of our teachers, students, and families to continue the tradition – the joyful work – of striving toward our ideals together.

We tried to capture that tradition in this short video we made for the City Neighbors founders past, present, and future:

All the best,

Mike and Bobbi