Today I worked with a few of our awesome City Neighbors High School students over at our founding school. This summer they are helping us with The Big Move. I admit, today I wasn’t sure what to name it – The Big Mess seemed like an understatement.  Somehow we pushed through and cleared the hallways.

So, now that we have new flooring in two of our classrooms complete, we are putting things back in the rooms. And, just like a home, once you get one thing new (like a new floor), then you realize – now we need some touch up painting! Well, at least we have most everything in the right space where it goes.

There are so many inspirational schools that care about the physical environment!  One of the websites to check out is the Fielding Nair International website.  Randall Fielding and Praknash Nair are educators and architects  – working together to improve learning.  Take a look at some of their projects.

Next steps at CNCS – we will be adding some painted on white boards, moving bulletin boards, doing maintenance and fixing of furniture.  This week we will bring over some furniture for the the newly inspired middle school classroom for Ms. Davis – more about that later in the week.  All of this work is getting ready for the last step- the careful arranging and unpacking with the teachers. Here are a few pictures from our work today: