gwendolynSocial media and news can be discouraging, leaving us feeling disenfranchised about the state of our communities and our children’s educational future.  However, there are twice as many powerful and uplifting stories that go untold. There are those who wake up every morning with hope, purpose, and passion to positively impact our children, our schools, our community, and our world.  There are parents, administrators, teachers, staff, cafeteria workers, grandparents, maintenance persons, guardians, students, daycare providers, bus drivers, babysitters, and countless more who care and are making a difference– every day.  Sometimes their stories are overlooked and they are unsung heroes.  Every story matters.

We will never be able to do everything to make our society perfect.  However, we do have a powerful sphere of influence and we should use it impactfully with inspiration for good.  No matter how small or great your contributions, they really do matter, so for that I say thank you!

~Gwendolyn Unoku, Progressive Ed Summit Coordinator & CN Parent