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Here is our welcome video highlighting schools from across the city – we hope you like it! 

Summit:     the place where you can simultaneously see where you have come from – and where you could go.

On Saturday, at City Neighbors we held the 5th Annual Progressive Ed Summit.    Over 450 folks from across the city and state came together.

Dr. Howard Fuller launched our work Saturday morning.  With a combination of conviction and humility, with fire and ease, Dr. Fuller lifted us, called us to action, provoked us to reconsider, and confronted our basic notions.     He made the claim, “The purpose of education is to give children practice at being free.”

If that is our purpose, then our teachers and educators need that same call and those same opportunities.     At Saturday’s summit, this practice at being free was powerful and present.  Educators came together on their own volition to grow, connect, experiment with ideas, and reflect.   Throughout the day, folks agreed and disagreed with passion and respect.   Over forty-five teachers and practitioners used their voices to share their work, their strategies, and their ideals to make the collective stronger.    Our authors – who have published their ideas – came to share those compelling ideas.    The day was steeped in individual choices and individual pursuits, but all in a spirit of community, collective growth, and collaboration.

Thanks to all who came out:    the workshop presenters, our featured authors, our volunteers, the many foundations who made it possible to offer this conference for free.

There is much work to do.   There may always be so much work to do.   But, surrounded by so many educators, parents, administrators, operators, and students, it was clear that we are forging a way forward that is rooted in seeing children as powerful, creative, loving, and worthy of the deepest respect.   Standing at this summit, we could see where we could go – together.

So, let’s keep going!    And, let’s check back in next January for the 6th Annual Progressive Ed Summit.

Bobbi and Mike

Please enjoy the pictures from this year’s Summit.

photo (3)

Today we took a long ride up Belair Road all the way to Rocks State Park. We walked and walked up a long winding pathway, stopping to take a breath here and there, careful not to trip on the roots of the trees, or the big gray and green rocks on the path, and we kept going up and up. Until finally we reached the top. And there was a huge stone overhang – just sticking out of the side of the mountain we were on – and the rocks were piled impossibly high and huge and tilted out over the deep valley. We climbed on top of these rocks and walked out to the furthest edge. And we towered above everything – there was nothing right below us.  And we realized – it wasn’t the vista we came to see. We came to see ourselves in such a glorious and fearless position. The beauty of striving! Of imagining ourselves in such a place…at the Summit!

So, this is our invitation to you, to please come to the 5th Annual Progressive Ed Summit.  Together we will climb, and look closely, and go further, and see what we can imagine together.  We have over 40 workshops and here are just 10 of them to get you excited for the climb:

The Re-Imagining Education Project

Not Just a Binder:   The Teaching Portfolio as Reflective Tool for All Teachers

Why Teacher Voice Matters

Educating for Insurgency. The Role of Young People in Schools Of Poverty

Failure is Success:   Using Improv Theater in the Classroom to Promote Risk-Taking

Taking Ownership:   Giving Young People Ownership of Their Education
Lessons Learned From Dreaming:   Youth Dreamers

Using Essential Questions About Social Issues to Design Electives

Play Is Power:   Play-Based Preschool in a Climate of Educational Emergency

How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Cooperative Learning
Service Learning and Curriculum

If Not Now, When?  Afterschool.
Starting Your Classroom Makerspace

Presenters Include:  Howard Fuller, MICA, The Park School, Jay Gillen, Baltimore Improv, Southwest Baltimore Charter School, Sam Chaltain, City Neighbors Hamilton, The Green School, Nancy Shelton (UMBC) and Bess Altwerger (Towson),  City Neighbors Charter School, Baltimore Montessori Public Charter School, Halley Potter, Kristina Berdan and Youth Dreamer, The Baltimore Curriculum Project, City Neighbors High School, Teacher/Artist Institute, The GreenMount School, Drew Freeman Middle School (PG County), Creative City Charter School, The Working Together Initiative, Digital Harbor Foundation, TIES, Baltimore Green Map/Place, Convergence, The Community Play School, RENEW/BYHIS, Future Makers, and more.

You are invited to the Summit!


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